15th Anniversary – MOM

The MOM or Member of the month interviews are monthly special interviews with individual members of Kinran! Get to know our members and maybe get inspired by them! We hope you’ll learn more about them and about Kinran and maybe join us one day!

Stay protected!

October 2019 – Bart Spiekers (Black Belt)

November 2019 – Verena Jung (Black Belt)

December 2019 – Francisco J. Fritz (Brown Belt)

January 2020 – Odile Feltkamp (Yellow Belt)

February 2020 – Svetoslav Mangarakov (Yellow Belt)

March 2020 – Rodrigo Alejandro Chavez Mulsa (Blue Belt)

April 2020 – Melissa Riemeijer (Yellow Belt)

May 2020 – Karina (Green Belt)

June 2020 – Robin Sims (Brown Belt)

July-August 2020 Special – Arnold Sensei

October 2020 – Quinty van Gogh (Brown belt)

November 2020 – stay tuned..