New Board of Kinran

Hello, we are the Board of SKVM Kinran, the one and only Karate Association in Maastricht. This year we celebrate our 15th anniversary!

The name Kinran (金蘭) literally means “golden orchid.” The orchid is a flower that traditionally stands for beauty in the Far East. However, there is more behind the Kinran name. The word is derived from the Japanese saying 金蘭の交わり(kinran no majiwari). In Japan, it signifies a close friendship in a figurative sense, but literally also means “something as strong as metal and at the same time as beautiful as an orchid.”

This saying perfectly summarizes the essence of karate: it has the power of metal, but also the beauty of an orchid, something that is clearly reflected in the training and lifestyle that is karate.

The karate style we practice is commonly referred to as Shotokan Karate. You can come and have a look at our demonstration and have a chat with us at the Sports Event (21/08) during INKOM!

We, as the board, are all still newcomers to karate, but already achieved a lot during training with Kinran. Within our association we hold trainings, belt exams and of course organize a lot of fun and international activities for our members. Join us now to be part of Kinran!

Stay protected!

The Board 2019/2020

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