Head of Promotion Interview of Board 2019/2020

Hello, I’m Anila, Head of Promotion in the Board of Kinran 2019/2020.
With 22 years I am the oldest member of the board 🙂
My responsibilities entail the upkeeping of our internet presence (our website, facebook and instagram) as well as the planning and organization of events for our members.
I was born and raised in Germany and currently am a bachelor student at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience.
Before coming to Maastricht, I did a gap year in Japan, which has nothing to do with why I do Karate, but I really enjoyed my time there anyway.
My hobbies include sketching, singing and learning languages.
I started Karate with joining Kinran in October 2018 and have advanced two kyus (belt levels) in the past year. I joined Kinran because I had trouble motivating myself to do sports but at the same time it helps me focus and destress. The community Kinran represents is very inclusive and welcoming, helping me to enjoy trainings and make a lot of friends at the same time.
The fact that I am in the board for this upcoming academic year together with my peers who also just joined in the academic year of 2018/2019 shows how fun and interesting the association is.
In the new academic year, I will be the one approachable if you have ideas for promotion or events and of course if you have any questions concerning Kinran, membership, trainings etc.
I hope to see you at our trainings!
Stay protected!

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