Open Trainings and Try5

As you might have gathered from the all-around information, Kinran holds Open Trainings which are accessible to everyone who is in the possession of a UM Sports ‘Sports’ membership. Our trainings on Monday are always open to everyone, trainings on Thursdays are usually reserved for Kinran members.

This September however all trainings will be open to everyone (also due to the Try5) on Mondays and Thursdays.
The Open Thursday trainings end with the last open training on the 26th September.

If you own a Try5 membership and no UM Sports ‘Sports’ membership, please keep in mind that the Try5 period ends with the week of the 16th September.

Everyone who is interested is very welcome to join, as our trainings do not require prior experience with karate or martial arts.

Please be aware that the training will commence without shoes or socks. Also we kindly request that you try to be on time to ensure a punctual start to the training.

We hope to see you at one of our trainings!
Feel free to contact us for more information via the contact form, instagram, facebook or mail at

Stay protected!

Kinran Board 2019/2020

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