Member of the month – October 2019

Bart Spiekers

President of Kinran Board of 2014/2015

What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Bart Spiekers and I’ve studied psychology with a master in developmental psychology. Currently I’m working as a psychologist.


Since when have you been a member of Kinran?

I’ve been a member of Kinran since I started studying back in September 2008. Now I’m still partaking in training as an alumnus.


As one of the former presidents of Kinran what motivated you to take that position?

I’ve had other board positions in Kinran before. It was always fun organizing activities or spending time with other associations. When I accepted the position of President of Kinran, the association had a rough spell which nearly caused all members to leave. I was happy to help rebuild Kinran with the experiences from before.


How do you feel Kinran has developed over the years and do you agree with this development?

Kinran has become more stable with a fun and close group of members who motivate each other. Busy trainings with silly events on the side.


What is Karate to you?

Karate is a way of life especially regarding the state of mind. It requires a certain strength of character, but also helps you become whole as a person. Karate is about finding your balance and taking control over your body, tension and the likes. For instance, as a psychologist it is very useful to convey this knowledge to clients, showing them what tension does to your body and why relaxation is important.


What is Kinran to you?

Kinran is like a small family. I’ve met my girlfriend here and have made many good friends. 


Any other remarks?

At first the trainings might seem tough and our Sensei like a relentless teacher, but it’s all worth the energy in the end. Only after you’ve been through it, you’ll see how valuable the methods are.

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