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Verena Jung

lovely doctor-to-be

What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Verena and I am a 4th year medicine student at Maastricht University.


Since when are you a member of Kinran?

I am a member of Kinran since 2016.


As a long-term member of Kinran what motivated you to join /and stay?

I have been practicing Karate for almost 13 years now. Before I came to Maastricht, I was not able train for some time, so when I came to Maastricht University and heard that there was a Karate association, I really wanted to start training again.

I stayed because Kinran feels like a small family. We all know each other and get along well so coming to the trainings is also meeting your friends. I also stayed because I liked the variation in the Monday and Thursday trainings and because I felt that I could reach my goal and get my black belt here.


How do you feel Kinran has developed over time and do you agree with this development?

I feel like Kinran has become even more open to new people than before. Each board tries to do their best to improve Kinran by asking for feedback, organizing activities and communicating with the Sensei’s to provide us great training and giving new members a warm welcome.


What is Karate to you?

Since I started Karate when I was really young it became part of my life. If I can’t come to trainings, I really miss it. It helps me to keep university and free time balanced. When I go to trainings I can take my head off from the daily stress. Also, the 5 guiding principles of Karate about seeking perfection in character, being faithful and sincere, working hard, being respectful towards others and to refrain from violent behavior taught by our sensei are also important in daily life.  That’s why I feel like Karate is more than just a sport, it also teaches about things useful in everyday life.


What is Kinran to you?

Kinran feels like a small family. Everyone is welcome here and we all get along well. I enjoy the activities we have and it is always great to meet a group of friends and have fun. Kinran also helped me to reach my goal and take the black belt exam with two friends after years of training together.


Any other remarks?

I hope the members in Kinran will stay active and motivated so we can keep growing as an association and have fun activities.

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