Member of the month – January 2020

Odile Feltkamp

New Member Sweetheart

What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Odile and I am a first-year bachelor student of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Maastricht.


Since when are you a member of Kinran?

I am a member of Kinran since September 2019.


What motivated you to join Kinran?

I wanted to learn to defend myself and practice a sport that would keep me fit. The members of Kinran were very welcoming when I first met them at the sports event in the introduction week of the University of Maastricht, so I decided to join.


What is Karate to you?

Karate is a hobby for me. I enjoy it because it gives me the possibility to take a break from uni and clear my mind.


What is Kinran to you?

To me, Kinran is a very nice sports association with caring and supporting members. It is a place where everyone is there to learn and help each other.


Would you consider continuing Karate (or martial arts) even after you finish your studies?

Yes, it is a great way of making push ups less horrible (haha).

I would love to keep learning even after my studies.


Any other remarks?

Thumbs up to the board! Thanks for all the work you do for us!

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