Sensei Special – July-August 2020

Arnold Wakker


What is your name and what do you do?

Arnold Wakker, I practice and teach JKA Shotokan Karate.

I am a licensed karate teacher and international JKA instructor, referee, and examiner with the 5th Dan JKA.


Since when have you been practicing Karate? And why did you choose to practice Karate?

I started in the beginning of the 80s. If you ask me why I choose to practice karate, I really do not know. It just happened. My father took me to watch a karate demonstration. He was a colleague and friend of Sensei Peter Wewengkang. I went to observe a training by Sensei Peter Wewengkang on a Tuesday, started the next Friday and never stopped.


As the Sensei of Kinran what motivated you to take that position?

I already did teach the students from the University at Sportschool Zenden and started a school in 1991.

A few years ago, I was asked if I was interested in teaching Kinran.

Teaching karate is not just a job for me. When I was a blue belt, Peter Sensei took me aside and said, teach the young kids kata. Of course, I was nervous in the beginning and kids between 6 and 12 have their own mind.  But after a while they cheered when I came to teach and through the years it gave me a good feeling to see my students learn and improve.

I like to teach, so it was no problem for me to accept the position as Sensei of Kinran.


How do you feel Kinran has developed over time and do you agree with this development?

I remember the first lesson I gave at Kinran and I believe the students also.

My teaching is old school and try to help students develop in a way that they have to work and see the improvement themselves after some time.

Kinran has developed excellently over the years. That is why I teach with pleasure and enjoy to see how the students go from white to black.


What is Karate to you?

At the beginning karate was physical for me. Hard training, exploring physical boundaries. It helped me a lot with disappointments in life, had a way to put all my emotions in it. Over the years it became a way of life.

Not only training your body but also your mind. Finding a deeper meaning in karate. I have been practicing karate for 40 years and I still keep learning.


What is Kinran to you?

Kinran is where I can teach students coming from every corner of the world and I am glad I have that opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with them.


Any other remarks?

Just that I hope the students enjoy the trainings like I enjoy teaching and maybe they also keep practicing karate as long as possible.

It is not just good for self-defence but for discipline and etiquette. Also balance between body and mind.

Stay healthy and keep practicing.





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