IMPORTANT!! Training in times of COVID-19

Due to Covid-19 there are some regulations that apply for safety reasons, such as the following:

Due to limited capacity for safety, online sign-up for each training is required. Sign-up is available up to one week prior until one hour before training. Sign-up occurs over the UM Sports website.

The training sessions (Monday & Thursday) will end 10 minutes earlier to ensure the cleaning and airing of the room before the next activity.

Non-members of Kinran can only participate in Monday trainings, as Thursday trainings are member exclusive. As a non-member you will be asked to fill in a temporary membership form (free of charge) for information and safety purposes relating to Covid-19.

Participants are asked to come in their sports wear, as changing rooms will not be available and changing in the bathrooms is forbidden.

Due to this, you will not have to attend in a Gi (Karate suit), however you are of course welcome to come in your Gi.

One on one training will occur with one partner only per training.

The 1.5m rule does apply.

Last but not least, as per usual in order to attend training you will need a valid UM Sports ‘Sports’ or Try Five membership! For information on how to get these you can check here!

Please contact us via the contact form or our social media (FB & Instagram) or email ( if any questions should arise!

See you at our trainings!

Stay protected!

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  1. Hey, I would like to visit the training once a week. Sadly I do not have time on Mondays. It is also possible to attend on Thursdays without an membership?

    Thanks for your answer!

    Kind regards

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