We collected some common questions you may have regarding joining Kinran and training during COVID-19. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email (skvmkinran@gmail.com), the contact form, Facebook or Instagram!

This page will be updated as we gain more information. Last update: 18-08-2020

General/ New Members

  • Do you need experience with karate (or martial arts) to join Kinran?

Kinran is accessible to all levels of karate. You do not need to have any experience in karate or any other martial art. A lot of our members join without experience in karate, either coming from a different martial art or trying out karate as their first martial art. On the other hand we also have members with a lot of experience. If you are unsure whether the training is fitting for you, you always come try out one (or more) of our trainings!

  • What times do you train?

Kinran trains on Mondays from 19:30h to 21:00h. However, due to the measures against COVID-19, the training ends 10 minutes earlier than scheduled, i.e. at 20:50h.

  • Where do you train?

We train in the Exercise Studio of the University Sports Centre (USC). The address of the USC is P. Debyeplein 15, 6229 HA Maastricht (Google Maps)

If you have any problems finding us, don’t hesitate to contact us via email (skvmkinran@gmail.com) , the contact form, Instagram or Facebook

  • When can I join trainings?

You can join trainings as one of your Try Five sessions during September. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you need to register online before joining the training. Please be aware that the number of participants is limited, so be sure to register early! 

After the Try Five period, you can join Monday trainings but you will need a UM SPORTS membership. Please make sure to register online beforehand. You can register here.

  • I have a Try Five card, can I join?

Yes! During the Try Five period in September you can join all of our trainings.

  • Do you do extracurricular things with the association and if so what?

In non-COVID times, Kinran had about one social event per month. These include playing pool, going to a mini-golf center or to SpaceJump, a trampoline hall. Also, Kinran really enjoys food, so we had some themed “Food Nights” where we prepare and eat food together.
Currently, we are keeping in contact with our members through online events such as game nights, as it is hard to organize physical events. As soon as it is possible, Kinran will also have in-person social events again.

  • How can I join Kinran?

In order to join Kinran, you will need to fill out a sign-up form, have a UM SPORTS “Sports” membership and pay the membership fee. Sign-up forms will be available at trainings and you can buy a UM SPORTS membership online. Once you have filled out the sign-up form, please hand it in to a member of the board, who will also check whether you have a UM SPORTS membership. 

  • How big is your association?

Kinran usually has around 20-25 members and is therefore a pretty small association. Everyone knows everyone, which is why we also refer to it as the “Kinran family”. All our members are very welcoming to new members, so it will be easy to make new friends, even if you do not know anyone when joining.

  • How much does it cost?

In the previous year (2019/2020) a full-year membership of Kinran was 50€, and a half-year membership was 35€. However, because we unexpectedly only have one training a week at least for now, we are currently reviewing the price of the membership fee. If you first sign up for half a year, but later decide that you would like to stay longer, you only pay the difference between the two prices for the second semester. The membership fee includes the costs of one belt exam per semester, and  enables you to participate in our social events.

As Kinran is a sports association, you will need to have a UM SPORTS “Sports” membership. For students of Maastricht University, this costs 99€ for the whole academic year. For students of the Hogeschool Zuyd, it is 153€ for the whole year. For further information, please refer to the website of UM SPORTS.

  • Where can I get a UM SPORTS membership?

You are encouraged to purchase your UM SPORTS membership online; it is also possible to get one at the front desk of the University Sports Centre.

  • Does Kinran participate in competitions?

At this time, Kinran does not participate in any competitions. 

  • What does Kinran mean?

Literally, it means “golden orchid”, however it also has a deeper meaning in the Japanese culture (part of a Japanese saying: kinran no majiwari) and signifies a close friendship or in the metaphorical sense “something as strong as metal and at the same time as beautiful as an orchid”, which perfectly summarizes the essence of karate.


  • What are the limitations/ regulations now because of Corona?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there are several regulations we have to follow. Firstly, the number of participants per hall will be limited; we are currently trying to find how many people will be allowed at our trainings. You will also need to register for trainings online. And information about your attendance will be kept for two weeks. We have to follow RIVM guidelines and UM protocols.

Additionally, trainings will end 10 minutes earlier than scheduled, so that the halls can be cleaned and proper ventilation ensured. At the USC, we have to follow compulsory walking directions. Changing rooms and showers will be closed.

  • Do I have to register for trainings?

Yes, as there is a limited number of participants per class. You can register here. Please make sure to register, as otherwise you will not be allowed to train at the University Sports Centre.

  • Can I change at UM SPORTS?

Currently, the changing rooms are closed, therefore you are advised to already come to the USC in sports clothes.

  • Do I have to wear a gi?

At this time, it is your choice whether or not to wear a gi, as there are no changing rooms available and cycling in a gi, especially in rainy weather, is not ideal. 

  • How can I get a UM SPORTS membership?

You can buy a UM SPORTS membership online from 1st of September onwards.