About Us

S.K.V.M. Kinran is the one and only Karate association in Maastricht. We are a small association founded in 2004 with a main focus on Shotokan Karate. If you have practiced a different style in the past, you are still welcome to our trainings. We hope however that you are aware that we focus on Shotokan style.

New to Karate?

No problem at all. Due to our structure of training, anybody can join in for Monday training. Our members train to perfect execution of each technique, perseverance and self control at their own level. That way our trainings are both for beginners and advanced practitioners of all ages.

Kinran Student Association

Next to the additional Thursday training, our members can enjoy activities we do with the association. In exchange for a membership fee, you can join the association as an active member and get invited to our activities which include parties, movie nights, constitution drinks, food evenings and other events. We also organize karate activities such as seminars and belt exams, of which belt exams are included in the membership fee and seminars require extra payment.

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